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Mar 23

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Have you ever wondered why a young person should want to take a moment to go abroad and try ever so hard to find a work, possibly in the farm somewhere, earn its money and later on calls it ‘time of his/her life’? The thing is, young people, they are optimists :). Situations that seam so difficult to ‘grown ups’ are opportunities to them.


However, it is important to define the opportunities, as most ‘difficulties’ are not worth to tackle. So, how to pinpoint opportunity that is worth while your optimistic approach? This part of the blog is created for all you guys who want to see the world, but somehow it has fallen behind whatever reasons. I am not talking that much about what I have done. Rather I provide information on how to take on the backers path yourself with little as possible fear on failure.


There is a song in Estonian that I really like, and sometimes I think that its totally OK to do it that way. The word in direct translation is: I want to fly, but not particularly high :D.




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  • Ketlin Jundas
    Jan 4

    How about that :)? for more
  • Ketlin Jundas
    Jul 19, 2017

    Kes oskaks pakkuda aasta tagasi, et lähen Austraaliasse. Kõik algas sellest, kui panin otsingusse Work and Travel Estonia ja siin ma olen. Alguses 3 kuud USAs ja nüüd aasta Austraalias. See ettevõtmine on olnud suurepärane ja ma soovitaks seda kõikidele, sest nii palju kogemust ja enesekindlust ei suuda anda mitte ükski kursus ega õpetund klassis.
  • Ketlin Jundas
    Jul 12, 2017

    It is pretty amazing ;). Do you have a question to Denis? Pop them right here to comments and we'll make sure that you get your reply :).

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